Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequent questions and answers received at the HSR Support Service.

A. YES, once a request is made under section 50 of the WH&S act 2011, the employer must facilitate the establishment of the work group.
A. The size of the work group is determined by negotiation between the employer and employees, to ensure all workers are represented.

A. An employer must ensure an accurate list of each health and safety representative is displayed.

A. YES. Codes of Practice are now an enforceable standard to manage hazards and risks, and penalties apply. 

A. Consultation is not informing employees of a decision once it’s been made. Employers have a duty to consult or risk being penalized under the WH&S Act 2011. Part 5 Div 1 46. Consultation is required: when making decisions about ways to eliminate or minimise Health and Safety risks in your workplace. WH&S Act 2011. Part 5 Div 2 49 (b). Consultation is required when proposing changes that may affect the health or safety of workers. WH&S Act 2011. Part 5 Div 2 49 (d)