HSRs are your workplace safety voice

Workers across many industries are at the forefront of Australia’s heightened national response to the emerging Coronavirus.

While state and federal governments are responsible for national control Ameasures, all workers – and their health and safety representatives – can have a major say on workplace control measures to reduce the potential for coronavirus infection.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a worker or someone who is responsible for workers, you must identify and manage work health and safety risks including the exposure to COVID-19.

Under Queensland law, consultation on workplace health and safety matters is required and the PCBU must consult with workers when considering measures to minimise or eliminate the potential for exposure to the virus.

This means that workers are entitled to elect a Health & Safety Representative in their workplace.

HSRs have strong legislative rights to represent you, to conduct inspections in the workplace, and to be consulted on health and safety matters, particularly in the current situation with Coronavirus.

HSRs provide a meaningful voice for you on health and safety.

Remember that the laws stipulate that all workers must be provided with a safe working environment.

All workplaces should have conducted a recent review on existing procedures to ensure there are adequate control measures in place to protect all workers from the risk of COVID-19. Your HSR and employer can perform this review  and eliminate the risk so far as reasonably practicable.

If you want to know more about how to elect an HSR for your workplace, contact the HSR Support Service Coordinator Damien McGarry on 07 3010 2555 or email info@HSRSupport.org.au

The Australian Council of Trade Unions also has a dedicated page of online resources about COVID-19.

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