Q. Are there minimum standards for shared meal rooms in workplaces?

Workers must be provided with access to facilities for eating, preparing and storing food. Depending on the type of workplace, a range of facilities may be appropriate, this may include a canteen or cafeteria, a dedicated meal area or allowing time for mobile workers to access eating facilities. The Code states there should be 1 […]

Q. How long before a PIN can be issued after a contravention?

Under the 2011 WHS Act, a rep can issue a PIN to the employer at any time, but there is a requirement that he or she has consulted with the employer about alleviating the contravention or likely contravention. (In fact, the rep may issue a PIN to any person who is contravening or has contravened the Act or […]

Q. Can an employer direct HSRs to perform workplace audits?

The WHS act is very clear on the powers and functions of HSRs. Subdivision 5 68 (4) states: “Nothing in this Act imposes or is taken to impose a duty on a health and safety representative in that capacity’’ The act gives elected HSRs specific powers under the above Subdivision these include: to represent the […]

Q. What does “consultation” mean?

A. Consultation is not informing employees of a decision once it’s been made. Employers have a duty to consult or risk being penalized under the WH&S Act 2011. Part 5 Div 1 46. Consultation is required: when making decisions about ways to eliminate or minimise Health and Safety risks in your workplace. WH&S Act 2011. Part 5 Div 2 49 (b). Consultation is required when proposing changes that may […]