Securing loads on vehicles

Loading and unloading trucks at workplaces can be hazardous, depending on the type of material being handled, nature of the task, and the weather conditions. In January in Queensland, a truck driver suffered leg injuries when a stone slab fell from a truck. It appears the stone was secured to an ‘A’ frame with straps. […]

HSRs are your workplace safety voice

Workers across many industries are at the forefront of Australia’s heightened national response to the emerging Coronavirus. While state and federal governments are responsible for national control Ameasures, all workers – and their health and safety representatives – can have a major say on workplace control measures to reduce the potential for coronavirus infection. It […]

Coronavirus response measures must consider health & safety of workers

Workers across many industries are at the forefront of our coordinated national response to the emerging Coronavirus. A principal focus in this response should be on ensuring the health and wellbeing of workers, particularly in sectors such as health, transport and education. Accurate information about the virus, and access to appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) […]

Electrical codes of practice updated on 1 January 2020

Continued guidance on electrical safety standards remains available following the automatic expiry of three electrical safety codes of practice on 1 January 2020. Incorporating minor amendments following reviews for technical accuracy, usability and readability, supplemented by targeted consultation with key stakeholders, the three expiring codes of practice have been re-made with effect from 2 January […]