About the Service

COVID-19 Resources

The Queensland HSR Support Service is dealing with many inquiries about the impact of COVID-19 on Queensland workplaces, and workers’ health and safety.
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Mental Health Training

The Queensland Health and Safety Reps Support Service is launching a new online interactive mental health WHS training course.
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Supporting HSRs on health and safety matters

The Queensland Health and Safety Representative Support Service was established in 2019 to encourage worker representation in health and safety matters and to support health and safety representatives (HSRs) once they have been elected.

The ultimate goal of the Support Service is to ensure safer workplaces in Queensland with well supported and effective HSRs.

The Best Practice Review of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (conducted in 2017 and established by the Queensland Government) highlighted that:

  • worker participation has a positive effect on work health and safety outcomes;
  • any worker participation is good for work health and safety;
  • participation through elected representatives with sufficient rights is even better; and
  • union support for HSRs and worker participation achieves the best results.

The review found that “there is clear evidence of the important role HSRs can play in improving and maintaining safety performance at a workplace” and that “support is required to actively assist and promote the role of HSR’s”.

In line with the findings of the Review, the Queensland HSR Support Service will:

  • Promote and encourage the role of HSRs in the workplace
  • Provide information, advice and support to workers who wish to elect an HSR
  • Provide information, advice and support to HSRs
  • Provide networking opportunities for HSRs so they can learn from each other
  • Engage with unions, employers, RTO’s, Government agencies and their officers and other relevant stakeholders to ensure HSRs have all the tools and support they need to make a real difference to safety in the workplace.

The first step to ensuring your workplace has an effective HSR is to contact the HSR Support Service at (07) 3010 2555 or by email info@HSRSupport.org.au.